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Unify. Simplify. Accelerate.

Commercial Sector Services

Cyber Advisory & Strategy

We identify vulnerabilities in your environment and develop a strategy to remediate & improve your security posture. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

We measure your cybersecurity program against industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and frameworks to identify gaps in people, process and technology.

Technology Architecture & Implementation

We support your technology and the overall health of your security infrastructure. We design, implement, integrate and tune your security technologies with a focus on operational readiness.

Cloud Security

We support your cloud security program from infancy to maturity. Modern hybrid-cloud or cloud-first initiatives present many opportunities to strengthen and increase the overall security posture of your organization.

Public Sector Services

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Protecting and serving our homeland is imperative given the fact of ever-increasing threats to our critical infrastructure. With diverse experiences underpinning our RAPID Security framework, we assist our government agencies with reducing cyber risk and protecting against adversaries, domestic and abroad.  We are extremely honored to continuously and successfully support various government agencies on the cyber battlefield.


We are stronger when we fight together. 

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